Feb 5 2023 Weekly Update

Moose & Bean Farm

Welcome to your third weekly farm update

snow covered prop house

What the Moose & Bean?

We are so happy that the ground has no more ice and snow covering it! :)
We started a whooooole bunch of seeds this week (last count was over 1000 seeds started this week)! All sorts of tomatoes were started. We have some fan favorites from years past - pink ping pong (they literally look like pink ping pongs, go figure!) and yellow plum.  We have some new comers that we are super excited about - Brad's atomic grape tomatoes (these have the most interesting colours), Sart Roloise (this is a large stained glass looking purple and yellow beefsteak,) amongst others. Several hundred heads of lettuce were started, broccoli, cauliflower and romanesco.

Some of our peppers from last week are already peeking out of the soil.  The snap peas we planted in the greenhouse in early January are starting to make an appearance!  We are aiming to have snap peas in our first CSA box - here's hoping they continue to listen to our schedule ;)

Celeste was able to get to the new farm and start planning out first steps once our official take over happens. We take possession officially on Feb 15, but are hoping to be able to get over there and start weeding/cleaning up the greenhouse next week.  The big greenhouse at the Cassidy farm is like an entire different climate, it was almost downright balmy in there on Wednesday, even though Bean was breaking chunks of ice outside!

We sifted through several yards of compost, moved compost piles, moved fences, seeded and covered carrots, build beds, chased cats, and got to play around with a new piece of harvesting equipment.  

There was a lot of planning going on this week - weekly and biweekly succession plantings until September are set for a majority of our crops now.

Moose was able to attend young farmer's day at the COWEX, and she shared her cat grass project (seeds planted Jan 25, and now grass is coming up on 1" tall!).

And, as I always mention- We presently have a wait list for families who are still wanting to be a member of the CSA program that we just aren’t able to accommodate yet. If you have been sent an invoice and are no longer interested in the CSA, please contact us as soon as possible so we can offer your spot to a family who wants it. If you have sent in a payment, you should have gotten a receipt automatically (if you didn't please get in touch for one) and all you have to do is count down the days until you see your first box! A few weeks before the program begins we will be sending emails out detailing more specific delivery-time windows.

CSA Dollars at Work

We purchased a like-new baby greens harvester this week.  Purchasing it used reduced the cost significantly, and the farmers who owned it before us took exceptional care of it the few times they used it.  We got to play around with it cutting arugula this week.  We were able to cut a short bed in under 2 minutes, which would have taken around 15 minutes by hand.  Productivity, my friends! :) This means we will have more time to do other important tasks around the farm (plant more seeds... dig more beds...?).

Next Week at Moose & Bean


We are really hoping to be able to get in to the big greenhouse and get it prepped for planting.  Once it's prepped, we will be getting baby greens and peas direct seeded in there.  Many more seeds will be started in the greenhouse this week, surprise surprise. ;)

Much of next week is more of the 'boring' aspect of things - getting our record keeping sheets sorted, applications to markets, emails and phones calls to several companies and agencies... Veggie farming isn't all glorious playing in mud (just most of the time) haha.  

Until Next Week’s Update..

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