The Fam / Our Story


Surprise, it's the Honey Pot crew! :)

Health has ALWAYS been a priority with us. Marines has been a personal trainer and boxing/conditioning coach for 20 years, in addition to a YTT200 yoga instructor for almost 10.  Celeste was a personal trainer and YTT200 yoga instructor for over a decade before starting Honey Pot Wraps 4 years ago. Training people was always about more than 'getting people to lose weight or build muscle', its always been about health and wellbeing. 

Since having our children, it has become so much more important to have a positive impact and leave this earth better in some way than before we arrived here.  We have been doing that through helping to eliminate single use plastic and food waste with our beeswax wrap company. 

How we are trying to leave a positive impact has evolved over the years, beginning with just a small garden of kale to feed Marines' addiction and not need to purchase sprayed imported when we couldn't purchase local grown.  Fast forward to 2021 when over third of our quarter acre property became garden beds, and 2022 being the first year we produced enough to not just feed our family, but to sell from our farm stand and still bring extra produce to farmers markets. 

We are now looking at an even bigger picture -  helping to provide Vancouver Island locals with food security, and using regenerative farming practices to improve soil fertility and health for future generations.

Marines and Celeste Van P have been familiar faces at many Van Isle farmer's markets for the past 4 years with their beeswax wrap company. Our daughters, Artemis and Mazikeen (aka "Moose" and "Bean") are born and bred market babies who love to "help" us out on the farm (taste testing is a very important position haha).